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Tiffany Richey, APRN-CNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing to provide exceptional healthcare to patients across the lifespan. Her scope of practice encompasses disease prevention, diagnosis and management of common, health promotion and complex health care problems. Tiffany began her career in the health field as a certified dental assistant in 2007 in Cedar Hill, Texas. She graduated in 2013 with a BSN from Oklahoma Christian University and most recently acquired a MSN from South University of Georgia with a specialty in Family Practice.

She plans to further her education by obtaining a Masters degree in Functional Medicine.Tiffany’s experience as a Registered Nurse has primarily been in the ICU and cardiac CCU where she earned a national certification in Critical Care (CCRN). It was during her time in the critical care units that she learned the devastating effects from the environment and how lifestyle choices can affect the human body. Frustrated by the healthcare climate today of treating patients in a health crisis versus prevention led her to seek other options to provide care that would eliminate the cause of the problem. She found a solution in the Functional healthcare approach. Functional practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle and unique biochemical factors to identify the underlying causes of their disease and find treatments that help return patients to optimal health. This can only be done through a therapeutic relationship between patient and provider. It is at Encompass Wellness she wishes to pursue these practices with her patients. Tiffany is originally from Edmond, Oklahoma where she currently resides with her husband Bennett and three children.